Genspec can conduct minesite compliance inspections and audits for equipment that needs to work on Open Cut Minesites in NSW.   We can inspect equipment and determine requirements in conjunction with Legislation, Guidelines and site specific requirements.
We know what the sites want and who to talk to to ensure we get the right information.  We’ll conduct an inspection before your equipment gets anywhere near a minesite.  Any issues can be sorted out beforehand, and when you get to site, you’ll we working quickly with less issues.

Issues that can’t be resolved can be bought to the attention of your site supervisor.  Genspec can also help develop documentation such as risk assessment, work instructions, contingency plans and non conformance reports.  With this information, you can generally get on site with good quality equipment that is non-conforming, because you show an understanding of the intent of the requirements.  Often the non-conformances can be managed with work instructions or SWPs.  For example, the use of split conduits (which some sites won’t accept) can sometimes be managed with increased inspections of wiring and improved security of the harness.  If your equipment is only on site for a limited period, then these measures may be suitable.

Please note that all sites have different expectations, and even though everyone is working under the same legislation, there will be different requirements and different acceptable standards at every site.

Introduction to Site

MDG-15 Compliance

EES-014 Compliance