Onsite 45kVA generator minesite compliance

Onsite Rental Group use Redstar Generators in their hire fleet, and wanted to be able to hire these generators into NSW Coal Mines.   There are a number of special requirements for NSW coal mines that had to be satisfied, and Genspec completed the work on these generators to make them minesite compliant.

Control Panel Upgrade

The existing manual control panel was deemed inadequate, and replaced.  The existing control panel was manual control panel, with throttle and voltage adjustment, panel meters, keystart switch and a basic engine watchdog controller.

A custom stainless steel control and distribution panel was fabricated to provide the following benefits:

  • Upgrade to ComAp MRS10 controller
    • providing engine protection and watchdog capabilities
    • providing information on generator operating conditions (replacing voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter)
    • providing additional capabilites necessary for a hire generator and minesite compliance (remote start, emergency stop input & earth leakage input to shutdown machine, etc)
  • Improved segregation between the ELV (12V system) and the LV (240/415V) system, by installing a centre divider in the panel.
  • IP2X protection from electrical components, no single insulated wiring exposed to the elements.
  • 4pole Main CB with 2 levels of earth leakage.

Distribution Upgrade

The original terminal box was replaced with a stainless steel box to reduce the risk of electric shock.  The terminal box was fitted with gland plate and cable entries to eliminate the possibility of a person sticking their finger into the box and touching a connection point.  Additionally, the terminal box was fitted with a limit switch on the door that shutdown the engine when the terminal box door is opened.  This prevents personnel from inadvertently touching live conductors.

Automotive Upgrade

To meet the "Introduction to Site" requirements for the most stringent minesites, the generator had to be upgraded to the highest level.

Battery Isolator

A Double pole batter isolator was fitted.  The battery cables were replaced with SDI (single conductor, Double Insulated) cables that were then run in harnessflex conduit (increased safety philosophy).  The battery cables are then secured along their route to make sure that they can't be damaged by movement and vibration.  At all terminations (battery, battery isolator, starter motor, 12V alternator) the terminals are protected with an insulated boot.

Engine Harness

The existing harness was run in split conduit (industry standard) around the engine compartment.  Minesites are starting to demand fully enclosed conduits on harnesses, so a new harness was made in HarnessFlex (a fully enclosed corrugated nylon conduit), and routed and secured as required by MDG-15.


The guarding around the radiator fan was below the standard expected by minesites.  Genspec fabricated additional guarding to make the radiator fan, fan belt and 12v alternator pulley impervious to a finger (even deliberate stupidity).


A full minesite compliance labeling kit was fitted.