What is the Australian Royal Counsel


About eight years ago, I had discovered some things while i was in a court room fighting an employer. That experience cost me three years of my life, but it opened the door for everything that ARC has researched over the years.

The Counsel still has a few members that have been around since the beginning, although many members drifted away and did things differently or got back on with living life.

Over the past twelve months, a good chunk of undeniable discoveries found in the National Archives and Trove led to the publishing of information on the what we now know to be a Land War Flag of the Red Ensign in a larger dimension than Admiralty Flags in use since Hague Conventions.

In pushing this information to the Prime Minister and Governor General, the Prime Minister saw to give his New Generation Cabinet all flag pins to show his loyalty to the Australian Government and not the flag of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This action brought more people into the Australian Royal Counsel, and those member in turn brought more people in. Since this growth spurt the Australian Royal Counsel has grown more streamlined and at the members initiative has seen many great posts created on Facebook and many email contacts made across Government.

Australian Royal Counsel members will tell you of their interaction with each other and how friendships and great respect for each other, even through ups and downs, has seen them become a family of sorts. I am very very proud to see a group of people unite and make decisions for themselves that have seen the Australian Royal Counsel change from a simple research group into a family of united and intelligent people who want to show the world what we have discovered.

Our goals from eight years ago, were to show you that the Hague Conventions brought Administration to the Commonwealth of Australia and Sovereignty at which your ANZAC gave you has been lost.

The Australian Royal Counsel sees a line of authority lost and the replacement of oligarchy from the United Nations dictating the courts and government of this country while politicians lap up large pensions to shut up and not inform you the people of the state of the country.

I am proud of the Australian Royal Counsel and especially proud of members who have taken the initiative to build it into what it is today. They have formed process to vote and act together, and to not release information unless it has been discussed in meetings.

Today the Australian Royal Counsel is a reasonably strong foundation which is only getting stronger, and it seems to be a real threat to the established ground base given that we are not here to attack government, merely grow back into the de jure and see it leave the shores of Australia in much the same way Iceland managed in the Laws of Armed Conflict.

Our goals are to show you how Iceland came to Peace, and what Peace actually means in international conflict, and to avoid the riots and peacekeeping that France is seeing at the moment as the people smash their own stuff and fail to change anything in the government. They may be correct, and the force they are trying to use may be justified in some peoples eyes, but at the end of the day, smashing your own stuff to get it back is pretty retarded.

We at the Australian Royal Counsel have made a mission to explain and inform you the people, how a Catholic Realm came and took your Anglican Imperial Realm and changed your world forever. It is difficult to comprehend that the Preamble to the Constitution laid out that Line of Authority and it is no wonder John Howard attempted to remove it and replace it with a new one. They havent got the line of Authority in the constitution, and too bad for them, you have since realised they arent the Commonwealth of Australia and are merely a Citizen Ship of the United Nations anchored to the Commonwealth.

We are many, and we are here for you. We are many, and we work as a team. We are many and we are still growing. We are many, and united for the Commonwealth of Australia and its sovereignty in the Kingdom of Australia formed at Armistice ending World War One, a self determination by your ANZAC to give you a true place in the International World forever known as the Commonwealth of Australia.

We appreciate your support, and we stand to give you all a voice in a difficult situation where the Australian Government isnt what it seemed to be.

Australian Royal Counsel Members thank you for standing with us.