How did KFC form

Many of you would be aware that SS has been researching for many years. Many of you have followed his work that started while he was in court defending against the actions of an employer when he found out certain things. That was back in 2011.

Since then, he has worked with many people online and knows this landscape better than most of you, having been a part of it for the last ten years or so.

About seven years ago, we knew what needed to be done, we formed the KFC. We knew that Royal Power Act 1954 changed the Royal Line of Authority and set out to dig up the evidence to back up the findings.

We kept working. We kept Counsel. And we kept sharing information.

For the last seven years we have done this, some of the videos still show our logo from 2013. We didn't stop when you abused us, we didn't stop when you mocked us, we didn't stop when you attempted to defame our character.

Now KFC has turned another page, becoming more formal in its appearance and stronger in its members. We aim to provide you with not only research that has been double checked and reviewed by multiple people, we intend to show you a Line of Authority that you failed to recognise.

We intend to hold that line of Authority for you, so that you can revisit the de jure Constitution under the correct line of Authority to deal with a de facto Administration that has been in these lands for a very very long time.

You have never known your freedom under this Blue Flag. You have never been free to just live with your family without Government interference. That is because you have been dealing with a foreign executive power in your lands for over 100 years.

The KFC intends to educate you on these matters and hold a line of authority that most of you cannot comprehend. A direct challenge to the Governor General of Australia and his claim of Authority through Royal Powers Act 1954 and Letters Patent 1984 reconstituting the Office of Governor General into a foreign realm severing that of Queen Victoria and Letters Patent 1900.

We dont expect you to know what a Realm is. We dont expect you to have to learn the ins and outs of the law. We are the KFC, and we are here to support you and the people to return to their de jure Constitution and come to Peace in this war and see an Administrator Government leave our shores.