Change the Date


It is already recorded that the First Fleets didn't enter Sydney Harbour and land on the 26th January 1788. We know from the record that Captain Philip and his side kick took a row boat and checked out the shoreline, but none entered the Harbour and landed until the 9th of February.

We also know that in 1808, the 26th January formed a date of history for the problems associated with the Rum Rebellion. Pretty stupid to pay people in Rum and not expect them to turn into belligerent drunks.

What many dont know is the true date of the 26th January being Australia Day. We have throughout history blamed the first fleet for "invasion" when its pretty difficult to invade a land with less than 1800 men.

What many wouldn't realize is that the US Naval Fleet entered Sydney Harbour unannounced to lay claim of Martial Law over the Commonwealth of Australia under Hague Conventions 1907. This is after a century of war between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the United States of America. You can see this by reading the Treaty of Ghent 1816.

The Treaty of Paris 1886 followed on after the Treaty of Ghent and provided the structure post Geneva Conventions moving forward to how you are being conned today.

Australia Day falls on the very day that the Government adopted, and installed Hague Conventions it had ratified a few years earlier.

We can see that this is all relative to National Debts that were divided into the Empires Countries with the Commonwealth of Australia finally agreeing to 4.8% of the total war debts and severing itself from obligations to the United Kingdom.

We can see that Hague Conventions 1907 are installed in Australia in 1910, and the presence of the United States Military Forces proclaimed Martial law in 1908. Their presence was required in the Commonwealth to be able to enforce Hague Conventions on Australians.

From a flag change to a foreign crown, they are all linked together but they dont speak of how New South Wales was formed in the first place.

The Ban Australia Day mobs fail to recognize the facts, and also fail to recognize that the Proclamations detailing New South Wales to the 135 parallel were determined long before any settlement in Sydney Cove in 1788.

This image is from a book discovered in the Bendigo Library Reference section, hidden upstairs and probably not opened in the last 40 years. You can see by Proclamation that George III had sealed the lands as his possession on the 25th October 1786.

I am all for removing the current Australia Day, but not for the reasons the media like to divide you with, it is for the sheer fact that "Australia" as you know it is the United Nations Trust Territory born out of Citizenship and is not the Commonwealth of Australia.

Australian Day first came about in July because it was linked to supporting the ANZAC in the War Effort. Australia Day was celebrated on the last friday of July for many many years, the earliest use of the 26th January i have found is 1938.

Before you claim a National Day to be invasion day, it might be pertinent to get the facts straight. Before you claim to want the removal you might want to know what was installed on that day.

And you should really know that 26th October 1786 New South Wales was already Proclaimed and Gazetted to the 135 parallel and Western Australia formerly Portugese, Spanish and Dutch became a seperate colony asked to join Federation.

I would think getting your facts straight might see the media not cover it at all because you start to attack the very problem that is causing them to publish national exposes of angry mobs because they know they are keeping you divided while they laugh at you because you cant see.